Change communications to transform society

Vision and mission

Our organization Communication and democracy calls for an overhaul of the communications society.
It works towards reappropriating the means of influence to contribute to ecological and social justice, and to democratic renewal, in order to put the preservation of collective well-being at the center.
On a day-to-day basis, the organization defends the regulation of practices and the redistribution of communications resources, the construction of a renewed communications sector made up of responsible, committed professionals, and freeing the media, the Internet, the information and cultural industries from the stranglehold of advertising.

Reclaiming the communication society

Our societies are facing an unprecedented ecological, social and democratic crisis. A change of model is necessary, and the impacts of climate change requires us to implement these changes without delay.

Major economic interests, partly responsible for this systemic crisis, are relying on a communications industry that for too long has been precisely designed to foster and increase their influence.

Having control over the various channels of communication has always been a major political issue. Today, more than ever, it is imperative that we reappropriate these channels of communication. Rebuilding the communications society from the ground up can and must contribute to the transformation of our model of society.

Manage and redistribute communication resources

How can we reclaim the communications society? By controlling the commercial and political influence of big business and redistributing the means of communication to a wider range of stakeholders.

Why do we need to do this? In order to contribute to the emergence of a “post-growth” economic system that is both ecologically sustainable and socially equitable, respectful of human rights and of the environment. It will also foster more effective democracy, by giving citizens real control over political decisions.

Going further: weaning the media off advertising and rebuilding the professional sector

Remaking communication as a tool in the service of democracy requires us to go further: the very economic model of the media - of the information and cultural industries - will have to evolve towards greater independence, particularly in terms of its relationship with brands.

Refounding the communications society also calls for rebuilding the communications sector: by training more responsible professionals and fostering the activities of those who are committed to promoting the public interest.

Contributing to a new model of society and winning the cultural battle

A new communications society can help nurture a socio-economic model that is more fair and more sustainable, one that places the preservation of people's well-being and social cohesion at its core, and ensures a more equitable participation of non-economic interests in the public and media debate.

Today, the historic cultural battle between economic interests and the public interest is intensifying. The reappropriation of the means of communication must also contribute, in the long term, to reversing the current power play and forces in the field, in order to catalyse victories for citizen’s struggles.

Communication et démocratie" is an organization made up of professionals and experts in the  area of information and communication, created in 2021.

To achieve its objectives, the organization develops political analyses and concrete proposals. It also carries out advocacy work to feed its analyses and recommendations into the public debate and institutions, and finally, it works with (future) players involved in the transformation of the communications and media sector.

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