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Governing bodies and functioning of the organization

"Communication et démocratie" is an incorporated society according to the French law of 1901 (Association Loi 1901).
In this section you will find its statutes, an overview of its main governing bodies and its modus operandi as well as the members of the Board of Administration, the Bureau and the Secretariat.

Functioning of the organization

According to its statutes adopted on July 8, 2021, the organization "Communication et démocratie" is made up of its members, qualified personalities who hold membership in the organization. They have professional qualifications and/or acquired skills that can contribute, directly or indirectly, to the achievement of the organization's objectives.

The members meet in a General Assembly at least once a year to discuss and vote on the general orientations of the organization. They elect the members of the Board of Administration for a two-year term, half of which is renewed each year. The Board of Administration takes the appropriate decisions to implement the general orientations defined by the General Assembly, and focuses on the political and strategic issues of the organization. Members may also meet in thematic or functional working groups, which report to the Board.

The members of the Board of Administration appoint a Bureau, which is supported by a permanent Secretariat, currently composed of one person, the Delegate General, who is employed full time. The Bureau works more closely with the Secretariat, handles human resources issues, follows up on more technical issues and prepares the activities of the Board of Administration.

The organization's activities are financed by its members and donors as well as by financial partners, which can be public actors or private foundations (excluding corporate-led foundations). To date, most of the organization's funding comes from the "Charles Léopold Mayer" and "Un Monde par Tous" foundations. The drafting of the report "La communication commerciale à l'ère de la sobriété" in 2022, based on an academic study, was co-financed by the French agency ADEME.

The share corresponding to the financial support received by members and donors currently constitutes a small part of the organization's budget, but this source of funding is expected to grow in the coming years.

Members of the Board of administration 2023-2024

Didier Courbet

University Professor, researcher in Communication Sciences, Aix-Marseille University. Specialist in media influence and communication. Latest book: “Connected and Happy”

Vincent David

After working for a number of NGOs, in 2006 he founded l'agence RUP (a communication agency for associations). For the past 25 years, he has been helping to influence those involved in ecological and social change

Meryem Deffairi

Associate profesor in public law at Panthéon-Assas University, doctor of environmental law and lawyer at the bar of Paris

Mathilde Dupré

Co-director of the Institut Veblen, a think tank dedicated to the economic reforms needed to accelerate the ecological and social transition

Pascal Jeanne

Consultant in Social and Solidarity Economy and expert in the field of popular education. Specialist in issues of citizen mobilization and participation

Yves Marry

Cofondateur et Délégué général de l’association Lève les yeux, co-auteur de « La guerre de l’attention. Comment ne pas la perdre » Ed. l’Echappée (2022)

Alan Ouakrat

Associate Professor in media & communication studies at Sorbonne Nouvelle University, lab Irméccen. Co-founder of Communication & Democracy, specialist of media economics and advertising

Olivier Petitjean

Journalist. Coordinator of online media L’Observatoire des multinationales

Céline Reveillac

Communication manager for public-interest organizations and positive impact companies, involved in higher education, specialist in greenwashing, co-founder of Communication et démocratie, co-founder of Reboot !, member APACOM/Com'avenir

Rita Fahd

Vice-presidente of the federation of association France Nature Environnement. She has a 20 years long career in communication and marketing activities. Author of "Marketing durable" (2013)

Bruno-Georges David

Founder of the NGO Communication Sans Frontières, Teacher at ESFAM and IEP of Fontainebleau. He has a long career in the deployment of advertising and advocacy campaigns for global brands and NGOs

Emmanuel Beaufils

Former co-director of the Uzful agency, involved in supporting business transformation: CSR and com CSR.

Members of the bureau 2023-2024

Céline Reveillac


Vincent David


Pascal Jeanne



Renaud Fossard

Cofondateur et délégué général de Communication et démocratie

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